Surprise Me!


2020-02-13 6 1 0 YouTube

It’s one year later, and Gently enters an art gallery for an exhibition, where she spots Evan. Evan makes his way through the crowd toward Gently, and he breaks the ice by saying he accepts her apology. She says the same, and they share a laugh. Gently invites Evan to join her and her friends at a nearby bowling alley where Evan injures his ankle. Gently takes him to the hospital, and as they wait, they discuss Evan’s career aspirations. Gently encourages him to follow his dreams of launching a app. When Evan is finished at the hospital, Gently drives him home where they connect over music. Evan finally asks more questions about the infamous night of their argument a year prior, and Gently offers a more detailed explanation. They finally share their first kiss. Feeling good about their reconnection, Gently is upset to discover something in his bathroom. Evan explains he only wants to be with her, and she admits she feels the same. They end the evening making love for the first time.